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We provide our know how of naval architecture and manufacturing for patnerships across the industry, with a patent portfolio ranging from a best-in-class shore connector for e-vessels and a gripper arm ideal for servicing off shore wind parks, to trimaran hull designs optimized for fuel and energy efficency.


About 3Mar

With more than 35 years of experience from trailblazing engineering and inventing ventures in the global naval architecture cluster, ranging from tourist submarines to advanced oil recovery systems and state of the art work boats, 3Mar was created as a starburst / spin-out to better cater for the growing demands of decarbonizing the maritime industry. Simultaneous with the spin-out a generational shift was finalized in the former parent company Mobimar.

Electric Ellen depends on our technology

E-Vessel Ellen, the worlds largest and furthest ranging all-electric ferry at the time of her inception in 2019, relies on our first generation connector to power her daily voyages transporting families, friends and strangers to and from Ærø in Denmark, with a carrying capacity of 31 cars and 198 passengers.

Strategic partnerships

Facing the future together

We know how to design durable and long lasting servicable maritime utilities. Our purpose is to service mankind with our strengths and abilites. Let us do this challenging and satisfying work together - for a better future.

Hands on creativity


We will act as your project manager and arrange manufacturing through our network of tested and trusted partners. You will keep your focus and deliver on your own core strengths.

Industry Efficiency

Mr. Pauli Immonen, the founder and main investor in IPC-Nector has more than 30 years of experience from running naval architecture and advanced manufacturing ventures, in addition to a global network of stakeholders connected to the industry.


Shore connector for electric and hybrid vessels

Connecting from the front is both practical and economical. With a frontal connection there is minimal to no need for expensive work on reshaping landing foundations. A frontal connection is also very fast, as the connecting sequence can start well before the vessel is moored. 

The patented Nector Z-shaped connecting arm is guided by machine vision and has a properly fitted tolerence for heaving, as conditions at the mooring point might be dynamic. The challenges towards a fast, economical and safe way to connect the all-electric vessel to a power outlet on shore are already solved!

First generation connector in action

Second generation

Faster and leaner, and now fully automatic. No crew interaction is needed for the connection sequence! The full sequence, from start to finish, totals 21 seconds. The time from moored to powering up has been reduced to only 9 seconds! Through diligent development work the connector is now better than ever.

"The game has changed. "
Pauli Immonen, CEO

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Nector being tested in Sweden

"A large and important step towards climate-neutrality."
Erik Froste, CEO
Public Ferries, Sweden

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Presentation video

"Cuts are real-time, it is fast. Very impressive work"
Johan Franzén, Media Entrepreneur
Lennart Media


Break more ice with less power

With our hull a 60m long vessel will easily break a 30m broad fairway through one meter thick ice, which translates into a 40% reduction in hull lenght compared to traditional ice breaking hulls. Imagine the savings you will achieve in daily operations! The patented 3Mar hull has been tested in the arctic laboratory of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. It has also been verfied and tested by our partner Aker Arctic.


Stop unsafe mooring practices at offshore Wind Farms

A unique gripping mechanism for safe embarkation in Hs < 2.5 ma. When combined with a stable trimaran hull on the service boat the safety advantage is even greater.

Powering up the shore charging technology: Markku Hokkanen joins 3mar Ltd as a partner.


Markku Hokkanen M.Sc., Naval Architect, has got a history in Finnish cruise and ferry new building yards, Kvaerner Masa / Aker yards at the time, at ABB Marine being responsible for sales for cruise vessel segment, starting up the marine system business at Danfoss Editron, Visedo at the time and as an entrepreneur helping out SME companies to establish and develop their sales & project activities within the marine industry. He will be responsible for sales and projects at 3mar.

3mar Ltd will be further strengthening resources to meet the market requirements both in terms of performance and capacity.


3Mar Ltd is a spin off from Mobimar Ltd

Due to very different business nature in the Automatic Shore Charging Connection Systems compared to vessels and cruise shipbuilding, it has been decided that a new independent company will be founded. This new company will concentrate in Automatic Shore Charging connections already developed in Mobimar Ltd and to continue this work.

So all knowhow of Automatic Shore Charging Systems has been transferred to 3mar Oy. Simultaneously the Mobimar patents and patent applications have been transferred to 3mar Oy.

Managing director of the new company is Pauli Immonen. He has earlier been Managing Director and owner of Mobimar Ltd for over 25 years.

Connect with us

Please contact us any time. We will answer as soon as possible.

Pauli Immonen, Partner, CEO
Markku Hokkanen, Partner, Sales & Projects

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