3Mar Connecting Vessels

What we offer

Efficient solutions enabling significant cost savings for operators, shore power providers and shipbuilders, while delivering fast and strong performance in a reliable manner.

Compact products that do not require heavy foundations, which reduce the civil works, often a big expense, to a fraction.

Partnerships for the long run.


Automatic shore charging

Automatically connect electric vessels to the grid to charge batteries while berthing.



Make berthing more efficient and save on energy for any kind of vessel, electric or combustion.

For optimal efficiency and economics of e-ferry operations you want to:



Rapidly connecting to the shore grid is essential.


Automatic mooring is essential. (Enables propellers to be stopped)


Minimal need for costly enlargement of docking space and infrastructure is essential.


Simple, robust and reliable technology is essential.

Our Solution


The most favourable connection direction is from the end of the ship

3mar Nector connection devices utilise the optimal connection direction, and are installed on top of the loading ramp.

Competing connecting devices, that are based on rigid ground or on sea bed, need to compensate the vertical movement of the vessel in relation to the dock. A vertical compensation mechanism makes such a device tall, heavy and complicated and consequently requires heavy and costly foundation work.


Connect from the end of the ship and there is NO need to:

1. Reshape the landing foundations
2. Block the key side area
3. Touch the seabed


Nector 2000 Automatic Shore Connection Device

Count to nine and you're in charge

Nector shore charging connecting device is installed on the side of the loading ramp connecting fast and following automatically the movements of the water level.

The patented Nector Z-shaped connecting arm is guided by machine vision and has properly fitted tolerences for vessel position variations due to sea state and loading conditions changes - along all the axis and angles around them. 

Nector Shore Charging Connection Devices

Fully automatic, the most compact products on the market connect in a few seconds.
Simple, robust reliable deck machinery style design with materials for marine environment.
Nector 4000 up to 11 MW
Nector 2000 up to 5.6 MW
Nector 1000 up to 1.4 MW


Nector 4000 & E-Ferry Ellen

E-Vessel Ellen, the worlds largest and furthest ranging all-electric ferry at the time of her inception in 2019, relies on patented 3MAR connector technology.
Ærø, Denmark.

Nector 2000 & Färjerederiet

"A large and important step towards climate-neutrality."
Erik Froste, CEO
Public Ferries, Sweden

Nector presentation video

Fast, lean and fully automatic.

For optimal efficiency and economics of ferry operations you want to:



Automatic mooring, without time consuming deck labor, is essential.


Being able to stop propellers during berthing is essential.


Minimal need for costly enlargement of docking space and infrastructure is essential.


Simple, robust and reliable technology is essential.

Our Solution


Ship-side automooring device with strong holding power

1. Enables the vessel to shut off propellers.
2. No need to reshape the landing foundations.
3. No need for manual operations on deck during berth.
4. Slim, robust and compact design that will fit in a small space.


Magmoor 20 & Weiße Flotte

Wieße Flotte has installed 3Mar:s Automooring devices on two of their ferries in Rostock, Germany. See how it works, and what they have to say about it.


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About 3mar Ltd

3mar Ltd develops and produces compact, efficient shore connection and automooring solutions to support the maritime industry to transfer towards an environmentally sustainable future.

Our solutions are delivered on system turnkey basis. Factory acceptance tested units constitute the whole system. 

3mar Ltd is a spin-off company focusing on carbon neutral solutions for the marine industry. The company was established in 2020 when the automatic charging connection device business was demerged from Mobimar Ltd into a separate independent entity. 


Pauli Immonen

CEO, Partner

pauli.immonen (a) 3mar.fi

Markku Hokkanen

Sales, Partner

markku.hokkanen (a) 3mar.fi

Mikko Rottluff

Service & Projects

mikko.rottluff (a) 3mar.fi

Otto Sjöberg

Service & Projects

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6 July 2020

3mar Ltd is a spin off from Mobimar Ltd


Due to very different business nature in the Automatic Shore Charging Connection Systems compared to vessels and cruise shipbuilding, it has been decided that a new independent company will be founded. This new company will concentrate in Automatic Shore Charging connections already developed in Mobimar Ltd and to continue this work.

So all knowhow of Automatic Shore Charging Systems has been transferred to 3mar Oy. Simultaneously the Mobimar patents and patent applications have been transferred to 3mar Oy.

Managing director of the new company is Pauli Immonen. He has earlier been Managing Director and owner of Mobimar Ltd for over 25 years.

26 October 2020

Powering up the shore charging technology: Markku Hokkanen joins 3mar Ltd as a partner.


Markku Hokkanen M.Sc., Naval Architect, has a history in Finnish cruise and ferry new building yards, Kvaerner Masa / Aker yards at the time, at ABB Marine being responsible for sales for cruise vessel segment, starting up the marine system business at Danfoss Editron, Visedo at the time and as an entrepreneur helping out SME companies to establish and develop their sales & project activities within the marine industry. He will be responsible for sales and projects at 3mar.

3mar Ltd will be further strengthening resources to meet the market requirements both in terms of performance and capacity.

1 October 2021

An approval to install Nector on Norwegian ferry ramps


The most suitable arrangement for shore charging requires the connecting device to be installed on the side of the loading ramp. Consequent to comprehensive clarifications about the benefits, implications, risks and their mitigations Norwegian road administration Statens Vegvesen has issued Nector a concept approval. Local conditions and existing ramp constructions vary. Verifications of structural strength, capacity of lifting system etc will be done for all projects individually.

23 March 2022

Magmoor 20: Automooring Device


3mar Ltd has developed a new revolutionary automooring device. Instead of mounting the unit on the keyside the device is designed to be mounted on the operating vessel.

- The holding power of the gripping magnets is 20 tons per unit, with a good safety margin for that value.
- The design is very slim. Just 0.5 meters. Thus it does not limit the car lanes in typical road and city ferries.
- As the device is mounted on the ferry side no radio link is needed to control the actions.

- Supporting mechanics adapt to the ship movements due to sea state and loading & offloading.
- The unit is based on bi-stable magnets. The permanent magnets do not need electric power to keep their holding power.
- Connection time is just a few seconds.

3 November 2022

Nector 1000 passed FAT and in Delivery


The first Nector 1000, an uncomparably compact charging connecting device, has been factory acceptance tested and shipped to the customer. End customer project commissioning will be carried out on the first quarter of 2023.

Nector 1000 complements 3mar’s offering of charging connecting devices for the powers below 1,5MW, especially suitable for smaller city & road ferries and heavy duty working machines.

Nector 1000 development was based on well proven solutions of Nector 4000 & Nector 2000, using same components, materials and technology selections simplyfied and scaled down to fit the power, functional requirements and economy of 125-1500 kW applications.

Nector 1000 is AC & DC compatible, can be installed on the vessel side as well and if chosen so deletes the need of wireless communication between the vessel and the port. The device weights less than 400 kg and comes with an option of a fibre optic connection for exchanching information between the shore and the vessel while charging. 

7 February 2023

Magmoor 20 Automooring


Magmoor 20 automatic mooring systems for Weisse Flotte GmbH’s ferries MF Warnow and MF Breitling are due to commissioning this Spring at Warnemunde. The preparations on the shore side were carried out mid December 2022. The installation works of counterplates on existing bollards at ferry berths took less than five hours each and were done during quiet night time hours without disturbance to the traffic which goes on around the clock.

Compact Magmoor 20 automooring system will be installed onboard the ferries where from they reach out towards the counterplates, attach to them with permanent magnets that can be turned on & off and maintain the ferries on their position at berth. No need to push the ferries against the piers with propellers saves money and environment.

The counterplates on the shore side are simple steel structures. No moving parts, no need for radio communication, no energy consumed to maintain the holding force of the magnets.

6 June 2023

Magmoor 20 now in daily use by Weiße Flotte


The installation of Magmoor 20 automooring devices for Weiße Flotte on ferries MF Warnow and MF Breitling at Warnemünde (Rostock, Germany) is now complete. The system is in daily use performing hundreds of berthings per week, allowing Weiße Flotte to cut emissions, and save significant amounts of fuel, as the propellers can now be be shut off during berthing.



Break more ice with less power

With our hull a 60m long vessel will easily break a 30m broad fairway through one meter thick ice, which translates into a 40% reduction in hull lenght compared to traditional ice breaking hulls. Imagine the savings you will achieve in daily operations! The patented 3Mar hull has been tested in the arctic laboratory of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. It has also been verfied and tested by our partner Aker Arctic.


Stop unsafe mooring practices at offshore Wind Farms

A unique gripping mechanism for safe embarkation in Hs < 2.5 ma. When combined with a stable trimaran hull on the service boat the safety advantage is even greater.